Naturopathic Philosophy is what drew Dr. Stephanie to Naturopathic Medicine. She strongly believes in treating the person in front of her, not just the symptoms. She is continually asking herself what is the root cause that needs to be healed. 

Naturopathic Philosophy

  1. First of all, to do no harm
    The naturopathic physician chooses the least invasive techniques with the least potential to cause harmful side effects.

  2. To act in cooperation with the Healing Power of Nature
    The naturopathic physician works to restore and support the powerful and inherent healing mechanisms of the body and mind. Naturopathic medicine harnesses the vast potential of the natural world to stimulate the process of healing.

  3. To address the fundamental causes of disease
    The primary goal of the naturopathic physician is to determine and treat the underlying causes of illness, rather than treat only the symptoms.

  4. To heal the whole person through individualized treatment
    The naturopathic physician treats the whole person, taking into account the complex interaction of physical, emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

  5. To teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine
    The naturopathic physician provides the knowledge and tools to empower the individual to become responsible for his or her own health.

  6. Prevention
    Naturopathic medicine focuses on preventing illness by assessing patients’ susceptibility to disease, including risk factors and environmental exposure.

When assessing your health and establishing a treatment plan, Dr. Stephanie is mindful of the Naturopathic Therapeutic Order of Treatment. Dr. Stephanie’s prime objective is to identify the root cause of ill health. Dr. Stephanie treats at levels 2 and 3 by using homeopathy, hydrotherapy, herbal tinctures, flower essences, and supplements. With her background in Pharmacy, Dr. Stephanie also feels comfortable treating at level 6 if that is what is best in the moment.

As a Physician, Dr. Stephanie recognizing that sometimes we need to start at a higher level in The Naturopathic Order of Treatment in order to establish health. As a Naturopath, Dr. Stephanie recognizes that starting at a higher level without also including the footing of the lower levels never truly leads to health. This is why Dr. Stephanie sees you as a whole person, and not a collection of symptoms.

Naturopathic Therapeutic Order of Treatment

1.  Re-establish the foundation for health
Identify & address the root causes of ill health, whether lifestyle, environmental, genetic, spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical factors. Remove obstacles to cure.

2.  Stimulate the healing power of nature
Implement naturopathic modalities, including food as medicine, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, and flower essences, to provide the whole body with the time & space to heal itself.

3.  Support weakened or damaged systems
Use the modalities listed above to strengthen the immune system, decrease toxicity, normalize inflammatory function, optimize metabolic function, balance regulatory systems, enhance regeneration, and harmonize life forces.

4.  Prescribe specific natural substances for pathology
To promote health, prescribe foods, botanicals, nutritional supplements before prescribing pharmaceuticals if possible.

5.  Correct structural integrity
Use therapeutic exercise, naturopathic spinal manipulation, massage, somatic re-education, cranial-sacral therapy, & other physical medicine modalities to recreate optimal structural condition.

6.  Prescribe pharmacological substances for pathology
Use pharmaceutical drugs to return to health when required

7.  Use surgery, suppressive drugs
Use aggressive therapies to attempt to maintain health.


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