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Cough, Cold, and Flu Season - oh my

The days have shortened, and we’ve had our first snow. Cough and Cold season has started and flu season will not be far behind. What can you do to keep yourself healthy?

I have always said the best thing for colds and flu is Prevention! Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. Wash your hands frequently

2. Clean commonly used surfaces frequently - think door knobs, computer keyboards, phones

3. Limit your exposure to people who are sick 

These 3 tips help to decrease the amount of viruses and bacteria you are exposed to.

4. Get good rest - take advantage of the shorter days and get some more sleep

5. Manage stress

6. Monitor sugar intake - especially around the stressful holidays

These 3 tips help to keep your immune system working well so you can fight off infections that you are exposed to.

I also like to add some supplements to help keep my immune function up and ready.

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C
  • Elderberry Syrup

 - or-

Even with the best prevention practices, sometimes colds and flu still occur. What to do then?

1. REST!

2. Cough or sneeze into your elbow and wash your hands frequently to help prevent spreading sickness to friends, family, and co-workers

3. Bone Broth

4. Increase Elderberry Syrup or Fire Cider

5. Magic Warming Socks